Guiding impacted families through the process of grief, and the battle for Justice.

About Us

The Board of Directors:

President, Nickeia Hunter Impacted family

Vice President, Tonya Isabell Impacted family

Treasurer, Sonia Banks Impacted family


Led by impacted families

we meet traumatized families where they are, with the understanding of their tragedy and experience, to build a trusted community around them and provide resources and support.


The founder of MyAdvocate

Sonia Joseph, mother of Giovonn Joseph-McDade.  She is advocating for reforms, building a network of impacted families, and supporters for over 5 years. Informed by the direct needs of Impacted families from across Washington state.  MyAdvocate’s goal is to develop a peer-to-peer type casework program to provide families transformative support.



Our mission is to provide resources and support to families impacted by law enforcement use of deadly force in Washington, and take action to advocate for restorative justice and reforms to change policing culture


Our vision is for families who have lost a loved one to the use of deadly force by law enforcement to have full access to resources and support from the moment of the tragedy, and the continual services needed while grieving. For the community to benefit from reforms that change policing culture, drastically reducing future fatalities by law enforcement.


The focus to repair the harm that has been committed against the victim/surviving family and community. We value truth, We believe in fairness, and justice.

Who We Serve

While our advocacy and actions to change policing culture serve all people, the direct services we provide are reserved for families who have been impacted by police use of deadly force

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We invite Impacted families and allies to build solidarity and to change the future of our communities.



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